Andrew Shankland

Managing Director & Partner

Andrew Shankland brings over 30 years of commercial aircraft industry experience to Seabury Aviation Partners. During his partnership with Plane View Partners he brought clients his unique perspective to assist in fleet restructuring and aircraft purchasing. Prior to PVP Mr. Shankland held senior management positions at Airbus, including Senior Vice President Leasing Markets, Vice President Marketing and also Head of Sales and Marketing in North America. During this career Mr. Shankland worked on the commercial launch phases of a number of aircraft, including the A320neo, A330neo, A350XWB and A380. Until August 2015, Andy was Senior Vice President Leasing Markets for Airbus where he was in charge of all Commercial activity with world-wide lessors. Prior to this, he was Vice President Marketing for Airbus, where his responsibilities included managing the development and implementation of all customer and product marketing activities for the complete range of Airbus commercial products world-wide, including during the launch of the A320neo Family.

From 2002 to 2008 Mr. Shankland held a variety of management roles at Airbus North America, including Head of Sales and Marketing, Vice President of Sales and Vice President of Business Development. Before that, he held a number of marketing roles, including Airline Marketing Manager and Head of Airline Marketing.